These glorified enclosed porches are the cat’s meow.

It’s laborious to underestimate a cat’s love of the outside — or the chance of letting felines roam freely.

They are often hit by automobiles, trapped in garages and simply plain misplaced. Then there are the birds they kill (though home windows additionally do major damage to fowl populations).

Ahead-thinking cat house owners have devised an answer: the catio.

Little perch2

Mainly, catios are screened-in porches glorified with stairs, cabinets, cushions and scratching posts — in addition to sturdy partitions, roofs and flooring to maintain cats in and different critters out. Catios are available in all sizes and styles and will be home made, customized made or ordered on-line, with costs starting from $500 to $5,000.

From these enclosed perches, cats can mock-chirp at birds and squirrels all of the livelong day with out anybody coming to hurt.

They’ll additionally bask within the solar, as Little Lord Fauntleroy demonstrates in his Seattle catio:

Little sleeps

Little’s catio, which he shares with 4 different cats, was featured on a Seattle Catio Tour. His human mama, Jennifer Hillman, jokes that she typically appears like a pestering mother to her feline household: “Go on out; it’s lovely out!”

Jean White of Bellevue, WA, spent about $1,200 on a catio for her cats.

“It might sound expensive, however a vet invoice is far more,” mentioned White, who lives close to a bus route and in an space the place there are coyotes and raccoons. Like most catios, hers is linked to the home by cat doorways.

At first, one in every of her cats didn’t get the idea and thought her Siamese good friend was disappearing right into a curtain.

As soon as it clicked, the 2 started chasing one another in a loop by way of the catio and White’s house, a convention that continues — once they’re not napping.

Video and images by Erik Hecht


Initially printed October 2015.


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